We declared our relationship on August 7, 2009.

We build this website on February, 2010, it’s all started with http://capengcupu.blogspot.com and http://cyberedhoy.blogspot.com.

We engaged on March 7, 2010, after 8 months of being a couple.

We promised to be partner for life on August 8, 2010. It just exactly 1 year and 1 day after our relationship started.

Description about us:

Lydia: a girl who admires John Mayer, loves pizza and all that cheesy food, shoes fetism, a hopeless worker, a full time dreamer, and a lifetime dramaqueen.

Eddy: a boy who loves superheroes, action figures, die cast cars, movies addict, candid photography junkie, always be a new frontier on community development, realtime dreamer, music lover but don’t push him to memorize it or to play it.

We share our stories about our preparation to the wedding, and continues until now we are living together as a husband and wife. We are not yet a parents, so we also share stories about our struggles to have kids. There’s a long way to go to keep our relationship going concern. But we believe in action and positive mind.

Welcome and enjoy our love journal!!


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