This is Monumen National, the symbol of Jakarta, our capital of Indonesia. We may heard it is so hard to live in Jakarta because of its capitalism. Our economic gap between rich and poor are very big. Yes, I think in Jakarta you must be tough and strong enough to face the capitalization. All of our efforts in order to collect the money to live “happy” persuade us to chase money instead of idealism. Today I met my used to be lecturer back then, fyi, I’m an economic graduate. We discussed about how students nowadays are “ignorant”. They don’t have any passion to learn and they don’t get used to using their own opinion to criticize something. Maybe they’ve tired of studying in their childhood and made them just waiting for the lecturer to feed them. Not all that we discussed are negative, students nowadays are also very creative, especially to create money so they can easily have a good life and show to the world they’ve succeed. As I discussed this with my mom, who used to be a teacher for almost 40 years, this is reality. In order to survive in life, we must find a way for a living. If you want to travel, you’ll need money, if you don’t want to get wet when it’s raining and you have to go to the office, you’ll need a car. We are all living for money and worrying about how my next generation get something to eat or good education without thinking of ourself actualization? Or maybe this is just a phase that the era has just change, so I’m the one who needs to adapt. #justathought #dontwanttobotheranyone


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