I’m Amazed

I’m amazed…

How people can easily speak English like it was their mother language in this country.
But I’m surprised seeing any “bule” trying to speak bahasa very good to respect our language in the meeting, because he/she is the only one foreigners.

How some people is trying to help others in the flood, but some other people are just too lazy to be helped, and still mocking the government.

How I keep addicted to junk food after a year without junk food at all. What happened with the detox?

How people in here are trying to work that I don’t even know what they’re trying to represent, but the works are killing their ability to socialize with other people. It hurts to see them like that.

How I can’t have my adaptable skills to talk with someone and being her/him my best friend so I never felt lonely every time I have to go for a lunch.

How did your loneliness makes you alone so you have to make a meeting?

How people spend a lot of money on gadget, phone credits, eating at the malls, buying fancy stuffs, but trying to minimize their children’s school budget.

#random banget.

Sok pake bahasa inggris pulak.
Asli, tiap jumat pas jam makan siang pasti berasa kesepian.
Bukannya tiap hari ga kesepian, sama aja sik.
Evi bilang gini ke gue:
“Mba, lo kok mau sih temenan ama gue, lo kalo ga kenal gue pasti bakal ikut2an orang2 bilang kalo gue psycho ya?”
Hmmm….ga tau kenapa, tapi emang gue selalu temenan sama orang yang lo anggep paling aneh buat diajak temenan.
Mungkin emang gue psycho juga?


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