our fashion designer

this weekend we have a tight schedule…
first, we have to meet our “hopefully” fashion designer…this designer has been my idol since 2006, because since that year i had already dreamt about my post graduate graduation day “kebaya” with her design. You can check her blog at http://www.lennyagustin.com/ and find out more about her…we went there with our parents….terjadi negosiasi yang cukup alot di siniiii..huaaaa..bingung banget pengen keren tapi mahal yah bookkk..emang dasar kita2 matanya mata berselera tinggi…hahaha…

and then we went to PRJ, there’s a wedding expo, and actually we went there to visit Kiki Catering and tasted their food or beverages…the food was really nice…kita bener2 seneng di situ dan kekenyangan…hahaha..

tomorrow we plan to go to pasar tebet checking out harga undangan dan ke pasar jatinegara buat ngecek souvenir…
huaaaaa..there’s so many things to do…!!!
tetap semangaaatttttt!!!

Photo courtesy of MazEdhoy

Visit http://cyberedhoy.blogspot.com/2010/03/ketemu-fashion-designer-capengcupu-5.html


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